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Thank you for taking interest in our passion! As a team, Jeff and Jenna strive to create memories that will last you a lifetime. But first, we would like to take a moment for you to get to know us. Before meeting and "living happliy ever after together". Jenna started out dabbling in photography during high school. Her eye for composition comes from a love of macro and abstract photography. She truely enjoys applying those ideas to photographing people. Jeff's passion began in fine art landscape photography on a road trip to California. He continues to pursue and grow as a landscape photographer applying HDR techniques to his panoramic photos. Once we started dating, we would go out together and take pictures around town and we would learn from each other's work in developing our photographic skills. We are constantly learning new aspects of photography to further enhance our work. We started out by taking portraits for family and friends, now here we are, turning our love of photography into something we can share with everyone! Each of us have a unique perspective which differs from the other. The two of us will be working together as a team at EVERY photography session to ensure you have various perspectives to choose from. Always striving to keep it artistic, fun, and fresh!